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FCG understands the challenges of being a small business owner and can help you shift your mindset from focusing on the problem, to focusing on the solution. If you were intelligent enough to grow your business from the start up phase, you're intelligent enough to recognize your own solutions once presented. Our goal is to craft a strategic plan of action to solve your problems and provide effective management support during the entire process. As a business owner, your time should be spent doing what you do best and leaving your team to do the rest. Below, you'll find our areas of expertise that we can add value to your team. If you need help in these specific areas, or just need help solving your business problems,


Business Meeting


Effort does not equate success in business. We can provide the project management you need, complete with preparatory measures, clearly defined deadlines, goals, objectives, tasks, and accountability measures. We make it a practice to use the latest technology to provide you with the most up to date information so you can make better business decisions, quicker.


Finding the right people is one issue, but keeping them is an entirely different one. We can provide a complete system of Human Resource Management that will make hiring, firing, and promoting employees no longer a subject of dread. FCG can walk you through the steps of effective HR management and provide the administration and support your organization needs.

A business meeting


Brands can't be built without marketing. FCG's marketing team is equipped to position your organization as a front runner in your respective market. From designing logos, websites, commercials, capability statements, to designing entire marketing campaigns, FCG has everything your organization needs to increase your market presence.


Just having a bookkeeper and paying your taxes at the end of the year is only the tip of the financial iceberg. FCG offers the complete managerial accounting system that will help you understand how to make and keep your money. We set up our business owners with financial strategies that result in retained earnings at the end of the year.

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