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An entrepreneur undertakes a massive responsibility to his or her friends, family and community. Small businesses make up the bedrock of our country providing jobs to our countrymen and taxes to our government. Most small businesses fail due to lack of resources, access to capital, qualified personnel and understanding of basic business practices and processes.


Fitzgerald Consulting Group recognizes the challenges small businesses face and have complied a dedicated team of professionals to manage and consult our clients to set and reach business goals using our proven business solutions system.

  • We audit our clients current business to understand their current business strategy.

  • We write down their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Tailor a plan of action to reach specific business needs.

  • Implement our strategy to move our clients to the next level in their business.

Our system has helped our clients contribute dollars to the bottom line and come closer to realizing their dreams. contact us for a free consultation.

If your business is in a pinch, fix it with Fitz!

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